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D & D Osteological Services LLC. D & D Osteological Services LLC. D & D Osteological Services LLC.f D & D Osteological Services LLC.

Welcome to D & D Osteological Services LLC.

D&D Osteological Services, LLC is a small firm that specializes in the recovery of skeletal remains discovered during construction activities throughout California. 
We strive to treat these remains with dignity and respect while working alongside Native American tribal groups.

The mission of D&D Osteological Services is to supply quality human skeletal remains excavation, analysis and research fitting within the scope of the client’s project. We further provide a professionally written report complying with industry and client guidelines corresponding to client requirements.

We provide

Assistance to Cultural Resource Management and Archaeological firms in the respectful recovery of skeletal remains.  In working with these firms, we provide a cost-efficient utilization of resources and time that supports the client, while still maximizing recovery of information.  In keeping with the cost-efficient model, D&D provides a portable self-contained laboratory for full on-site analysis of skeletal remains.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Sites monitoring during construction activities in areas of burial sensitivity
  • Surveying and processing areas of interest to the client
  • Excavating skeletal remains in a careful and respectful manner while working in conjunction with clients and local tribal groups
  • Laboratory Osteological Analysis
    • Paleodemographic studies
    • Paleopathology reviews
    • Dental analyses

Our website provides information about D&D Osteological Services, LLC, the type of services that we can provide to clients, a list of publications that we have authored and/or co-authored, and a list of archaeological sites where we have been active members of the team.